Reasons Why City Life Is Bad For You

City life is the ultimate dream of the youngsters who are planning on starting life anew. The city lights, shopping malls, sky scrapers and of course how could you forget the exciting night life. However, you’ll only enjoy it a few years. The polluted air, undying noise of hooting horns and the never ending traffic will get into your head and make you want to get away from this hectic city life. So if you are planning on moving to the city, here are some of the reasons to think twice about it.

1. It literally makes you crazy

It has been found that city residents have an increased chance of developing anxiety disorder, mood disorder, depression and other mental illnesses. This is due to the stressful and hectic work lives of people, where they do not have adequate time to spend with their families or for themselves.

2. The air is polluting our bodies

With all these factories, vehicles and traffic, the air around you is bound to get polluted. Long term exposure to such polluted atmospheres will increase the risk of asthma, especially in little kids. Researches found that more that 50% of the urban families have kids with asthma. This could be due to not only polluted air, but also stress, allergens and also microbes in your household. You might want to get your rental apartment Hong Kong cleaned for that matter. You could even be under the risk of death from lung cancer, heart disease etc.

3. The constant light messes with your sleep

With your work loaded busy lifestyles, sleep is one of the most important things for you. However, you’d find the constant light through your apartment window utterly disturbing. Also, since city dwellers love their night lives, you’d have different sleeping patterns during the weekdays and weekends. This change in sleep pattern may cause chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

4. The noise is unbearable

The undying noise of hooting horns and ambulance sirens has been found to be emotionally disturbing for people. With constant work stress, these noises with agitate you even more which may then worsen your stress levels and result in depression and other mental disorders.

5. Everyone’s always rushing

The pace of life is much faster in cities than in rural areas. You’d be surrounded by uncaring crowds. Hence it is expected that some new comers might feel abandoned or isolated which is emotionally stressful. There have even been instances where people have been murdered in broad daylight when thousands of people were passing by. It shows the level of ignorance of people nowadays.

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