Top Things To Do On Magnetic Island, Australia

A few kilometers away from Townsville, you can find the Magnetic Island. The locals call it ‘Maggie’. As soon as you get on this island, life will start to slow down. There are lots of natural adventures that you can try which can change your perspective. Here are some of the things that you can try on Magnetic Island:

Meet and Take a Picture With the Koalas

Magnetic Island is considered as the place with the highest number of koalas that can be found in the wild. So if you don’t wish to pass by the Forts Walk, then you can visit the koala village in the Bungalow Bay. You can meet the koalas during tours which are available three times a day. The tour is fast-paced and it will give you a chance to hold lizards, turtles, snakes, lorikeets, and of course the koalas. In the island, you can find various budget accommodation that offers single, twin, and family rooms. You can also find 2 bedroom apartments which are enough for the whole members of the group. Thus, you don’t have to worry about where to spend the night after the tour. As a tip, you have to avail of the koala photography on the tour. This will enable you to hold and snap a photo with the koala. The money will be used for the conservation of sick and injured animals that can be found on the island. Link here offer a good 2 bedroom apartments that will suit your needs.

Visit the Fort

If you go and visit the koalas in the wild, you can have a chance to visit the fort. In here, you can find the remnants of the fort of World War II. This is an easy hike which is best to do early in the morning before the environment starts to get warm.

Enjoy the Surrounding Waters of the Island

During your trip, spend time relaxing on the blue waters and let yourself heal from the chaotic world. Relax at the best family accommodation Magnetic Island and swim in the afternoon. You can try snorkeling, fishing, or exploring via charters. You can ask help from the locals on how they can connect you for a boat trip.

Travel Around the Island Via a Mini Moke

One of the best experience in Magnetic Island is riding a mini moke with your friends or loved ones. You can take this to travel the hills or shore. Let the wind cool your face and the sun warm your body. Meet other tourists who ride past at you during your trip. With the moke, you can see the view of the island much easier especially if you have a limited time to stay.

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