What Not To Do On Your Next Vacation?

Are you sick of coming back from vacations less than pleased with yourself? If you are, then know that it may be largely due to your inexperience with holidaying. So how do you come back from a holiday happy as a clam? Read ahead to find out…!

Don’t wait until the last moment to decide on your trip

Yes, we are very aware that work can be unpredictable sometimes. And there are also family commitments to think about and deal with. But if you really do want a peaceful and memorable holiday, then it’s important that you plan it ahead of time. This means booking transport and hotels near BTS Asoke  well ahead of time as well. Remember that most accommodations and transport services (public or private) cost a lot more when you book it last minute.

“Let’s wing it when we get there”

No. This sentence and anything similar to it just won’t do. As important as it is to know onsen in Bangkok where you are going, it’s just as important to know what you are going to do there. Why? So you know what to pack, so you know what to expect, so you’ll know if what you want to do there is available at the moment you arrive at your destination…we can go on and on. For example, if you pack for a beach vacation, and on arrival, you decide that you want to see the old castle as well, chances are that you’d find you don’t have the right foot wear or proper clothing. As a result, you’d either vote out of participating in that activity, or will have to spend on buying yourself what is necessary…

Overspending on everything It’s your holiday…not the moment you throw away all your money. Whether it’s on your travel or your accommodations or the activities you plan on doing, it’s always a good idea to have a strict budget. More often than not, people over indulge on shopping or souvenirs, that they find themselves short on money to spend on their food. So it’s either eat less or poorly; or pack up and leave earlier. If you don’t want this happening to yourself, make sure you have a tight reign over your wallet…!

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